CHF 420 /month (incl. VAT)
Would you like to have a vehicle that fits your budget and still meets your wishes and needs? Then the starter is the right option for you! No matter if for a short trip with

Smart One

CHF 580 /month (incl. VAT)
This vehicle has it all. Despite its compact size, it scores with style and driving pleasure. The perfect vehicle for spontaneous trips or when you just want to get away from it all. The smart one

Urban Mood

CHF 715 /month (incl. VAT)
Find a parking space in town? Do some shopping? Drive the kids to their sport activity? Do a weekend trip to the nearby countryside? With this vehicle you are mobile, spontaneous and stay economical &

Allday Fun

CHF 775 /month (incl. VAT)
With this mid-range car you can master everyday life perfectly! You drive to work every day and do some quick shopping on the way home? You like it a bit more spacious because you go

The Electriefied One

CHF 790 /month (incl. VAT)
Press the start button and drive off quietly. An electric motor that will drive you safely to your destination without sacrificing comfort. You are contributing to a green environment and the CO2 balance. Your car


CHF 875 /month (incl. VAT)
A middle class station wagon which transports sports bags, beverage crates and all kinds of goods from one place to another without any problems. On weekends, load a few suitcases and escape from everyday life


CHF 1,250 /month (incl. VAT)
With an SUV, no discipline is too difficult. Space inside. Space in the trunk. No pass road too steep. No terrain too rough. Take your family and get out into nature. In winter for skiing.

Family Time

CHF 1,450 /month (incl. VAT)
One big family or many friends? Or just enough space for the golf bag? In this vehicle, space is the most important thing. And if you choose this option, you'll have plenty of it.

Luxury Feeling

CHF 5,500 /month (incl. VAT)
With this vehicle of a premium brand, you enjoy special equipment details, high-quality materials and an exclusive driving experience. No matter whether you treat yourself to this luxury or share it with your family or